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Press Release – Whispers from the Sahara at DIDI

Almost 30 years ago, the first private museum in Nigeria – DIDI Museum in Lagos was opened. DIDI museum represents the first private effort to coordinate, preserve and exhibit our collective heritage from the North, South, East and West of Nigeria and indeed, from across the whole continent of Africa.  The museum represents our struggles, our progress and most importantly, our shared African character.

Over the years, DIDI museum has been influenced by the personal life journey of Dr Newton Jibunoh, the founder who has twice crossed the Sahara desert alone and more recently with a group of young environmentalists who have all found the experience, life changing.  These influences have had a profound effect on DIDI museum, leading to the rebuilding, rededication and a look to the future with a view to carrying on the legacy.  On the last expedition, Kelechi Amadi-obi a member of the team of desert warriors, captured the majestic nature and splendor of the Sahara desert with the overwhelming tango between the sands, the wind and the skies. Fifteen of those photographs are currently on exhibition at DIDI museum where they will be auctioned on Wednesday August 29, 2012 by, an event that will attract art enthusiasts, collectors, members of the diplomatic community and active players in the Arts community.

With captions such as “The Spirit Dance”, “Dunes of Damnation”, “The Majestic Nothingness”, the works speak of the emptiness of the lost land, disappearing grazing fields, and depleting underground water resources. These have impacted on food production in communities bordering on the Sahara desert and have primarily led to the increased spate of migration from such countries and towns into environs such as Lagos state. It is worthy of note that the forest occupied between 45 and 50 percent of the land space in Africa south of the Sahara in the early 1960s. By 2009, according to UNEP, the forest cover is now less than five percent. The Sahara, as we speak, is encroaching from the North with immense depredation.

DIDI Museum aims to showcase the rest of the thousands of photographs taken during the expedition on tour of African states and beyond. The Museum will welcome sponsors for the travelling exhibitions: to create awareness, to sensitize the people, to be part of the United Nations mitigation and adaptation principles. All works collected will be recorded as part of the mitigation and will become part of a historical collection. So, welcome to part of history, made in Nigeria by Nigerians for Nigerians.

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